Why Pay-Per Click advertising is important for your business.

Google Adwords is one of many forms of pay per click advertising. But out of all the pay per click advertising services, Adwords is the most robust and booming in pay per click advertising.

Google Adwords owns more than 90% of the search network internet platforms. This means when someone is searching for a product, store, or service, over 90% uses Google to aid them in their search. Basically, Google is the monster and no one else even get close. The reason being is that Adwords gives you so many avenues and functions to create a successful marketing campaign. The tracking features let us know what is working, exactly how many potential customers saw your ad, and even better – what your potential customers are NOT interested in.

Inbound marketing is new age marketing. (happy customer marketing – they think they found you)

Inbound marketing is my favorite form of marketing. You’re marketing to potential customers who have already made the decision that they need your goods or services. It doesn’t necessarily make for an easier sell, but it removes the first step in the buying process: “Do I need this?” It a game changer. Now we focus on creating your offer better than your competitor – which happens to be one of our favorite parts of marketing. Competition runs in our veins at Dynamo Marketing Group. It’s like winning a game of Monopoly to us. Truly, the best feature about pay per click through Adwords is the fact that you are only advertising (and paying to advertise) to those people already looking for your goods and services.

But be careful here. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. What I mean by that is don’t just run campaigns to have something out there for someone to ho

The most common mistake you can make in pay per click advertising is advertising to EVERYONE.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but not everyone is interested in your offer. Everyone is not your target market. Everyone is not your potential customers demographic. Marketing to everyone through your pay per click campaign can easily waste an entire days budget in a few quick clicks. I personally don’t like the feeling of spending money on advertising that has no return. So I use pay per click demographics and audiences to find my potential customers.

Some of the few basic questions you should know the answer to when setting up your marketing plan is: Is your product or service affordable to everyone? Are male or females more likely to purchase your product? What problem does your service solve? These are just some beginning questions you should ask yourself and build upon that.

Retargeting customers that have already taken a peek at your offer.

Ever wonder why micro-goat jackets starting showing up in your social media newsfeed after you searched for micro-goats on the web? Its called remarketing and its a very powerful tool. You can remind a potential customer of all those great goodies they have hanging out in their cart. Or tell them a promotion is about to expire. Remarketing gives you a second opportunity to capture the sale. You can’t do that with brick and mortar and that’s part of the magic of pay per click.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to advertise your business through pay per click advertising, don’t wait any longer. Become available to an audience that is searching for your services. Not sure where to start? Contact us for a free, no-obligation 30-min consultation. We can help take your business to the next level through pay per click advertising.

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